Matthias Gürtner

Produktdesign in Wien

Matthias Gürtner, Klammergasse 3/8, 1090 Wien, AT
Tel 069911334019, Mobil 069911334019
Website: www.matthiasguertner.com, E-Mail: matthias.guertner@gmx.at

»Ich bin bei designaustria, weil es DAS Netzwerk in Österreich für Kreative ist!«

Matthias Gürtner is an Industrial Designer who was born in Vienna 1987. He graduated from the University of Applied Science in Graz, Austria and is currently living in Vienna. Before discovering his real calling in the field of industrial design, Matthias Gürtner was working as CAD designing engineer for technical plastic parts. He lived in Spain and London and had the pleasure to work with highly competitive clients like Audi, BMWi, Bang & Olufsen, British Airways, and many more.

Portfolio von Matthias Gürtner

  • bsp_portfolio

    HUG-BIKE: Compact | Safe | Fun - Family Mobility

  • bsp_portfolio

    AIR Humidifier: Well balanced atmosphere

  • bsp_portfolio

    MONOCHROME Chess: Beyond black & white

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