Admir Dizdarevic

Grafikdesign, Illustration und Multimedia

Admir Dizdarevic, Freelance, Ripac, Zeljeznicka 41, 77000 Bihac, BA
Tel +387 62 919 242, Mobil +387 62 919 242
Website:, E-Mail:

»Adi Dizdarević is Bosnian-born graphic designer and artist currently based in Bihać (BiH). Major influence on his work is nature, spiritualism and subculture. In design he prefer harmony through unc«

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: GUI Design (Sendpoints, 2015) / HopCab App Infographic Design in Media (IMPG Shanghai 2015) / IVF Statistic Wczasy Magazine (April 2015) / 99a project UI Design (Dopress) / Various works Typography (Hightonebook) / AD Typography Typeseeing book (EU, 2016) / Mowai font Visual Harmony (Send Points, 2016) / Various logotypes Infinite Icon (Sandu Publishing, 2016) / Wync App ... SELECTED MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: Adobe MAX Keynote 2013 showcase Behance (Typography, App and Pantone Canvas served) Awwwards, 100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection for 2012 LLGD network ... weiterlesen